i started this new shitty game called divosaga and this is my avatar, his name is dickbutt

one thing i will forever love about this game though is that it seems like they started paying attention to eschergirls and blogs like that and said to themselves “hm… girls seem to think it’s stupid that female designs have a lot of stupid, non functional, completely illogical bikini armour with stupid proportions while the male designs have proper armour/clothes and look like they could at least some kind of exist… how can we ever fix this?”

“bikini armour for all?”


I was intrigued by this so I had a look into this game, to see what kinds of sexy manly armors they offered… sadly it appears that there are only six character options, three male and three female.  Worse still, it appears that while all the female character types wears bikini armor, amongst the men only dickbutt has the courage and empowerment to do so:

All hail to dickbutt, the Hero for our times! He is the hero we need! We hero that we deserve!

– wincenworks