Latest screenshot from the Zelda: Hyrule Warriors game. I’d always been a fan of the Zelda franchise,  they seemed to abstain from ridiculous female “armor.” (I mean even in the Smash Bro games they didn’t shove Zelda in some skimpy cleavage bearing get-up)

But this? This seems entirely out of place in a franchise that’s never really had anything like it before.


The Evil Witch Shia

While it’s exciting to hear more about the new Zelda spin-off, I felt disappointed with this.

More character designs from the game can be seen here.

Apparently Hyrule Warriors (working title) is inspired by Dynasty Warriors franchise and made by the same people… I really don’t see why Nintendo trusted them to make an addition to such beloved family-friendly franchise as Zelda. And Shia here is the prime example of why it probably shouldn’t happen in the first place.


I’m guessing (hoping) that part of the fluff is that Shia dresses like that because with her headpiece on she’s effectively blind and has no idea what she looks like.

– wincenworks

edit: Forgot to mention it, but as the reader vanessarama points out, this design is problematic also because it feeds into the “evil women look more sexual” trope. ~Ozzie