I found some promotional art for an upcoming game “Dark Eye: Demonicon.” 

The boob-window on the woman warrior just makes me confused.  The armor looks like it was cut and folded back to look like an opened blouse.  Why?  When I visited the game’s website, this character has similar boob-windows on her other armors.  It’s disappointing, because the rest of her armor looks almost decent.  I guess the designers weren’t sure if the players would realize the character was a woman and had to make certain.

That’s so weird.  I glanced at the small version of this when you submitted it and thought “oh that must be a “proper armor” example submission”, but then I read your comment and took a second look, and was like o_O  random boob window.  The flaps look like she cut it open or something.  Maybe she was hot.

Surprise boob window! Cause, as we all know, boobies aren’t there unless we can clearly see part of them bared.


It look like they decided that since she’s got lipstick, she needed somewhere to keep it that’d be easily accessible if she needs to do a touch up on the battlefield.

– wincenworks