Amazon keeps recommending this book, to me, and it really bugs me because I keep looking at the cover and thinking “Surely no noteworthy fantasy publisher would request such an image…”


Apparently yes, publishers will hire a designer to punch up the colors and create an overlay that frames the artwork for you – but they won’t bother to question the design decisions of ridiculously form fitting boobplates (or whole torsoplate – was it really necessary to show me where her navel is?), trip hazard skirts and aggressively boring composition.

This is particularly worrying since all of the stuff they didn’t fix could have, and should have been addressed during the concept sketch stage.

Bet they wonder why they have a hard time getting people to take their product seriously too.

– wincenworks

(As a testament to how terrible this outfit is, some folks have been replying insisting that it is not armor.  Trust me, it’s supposed to be armor. – wincenworks)