elisabettasims submitted:

I’ve been playing a lot of sims medieval lately ( I did a quick tag search and didn’t see Sims Medieval in there). Most of the female armor is actually pretty good. The worst offense is it’s more or less boob plate but otherwise, the armor looks like actual armor. I’ve attached one example from my female knight. It’s lovely armor and the only difference between the male and female I’ve seen is the accommodation for breasts. Too bad they killed the series.

What I find interesting about this is that the Sims is not a combat game, so there was a much lower expectation on the armor and they decided to make it interesting and practical.

Meanwhile most combat games seem to make something closer to what asterweich found in Second Life, another non-combat game, the one with all user generated content. (Warning, this image may scare small children, and you)

– wincenworks