“It should be a requirement for anyone looking to make another skimpy female-armor mod to wear a bikini while standing outside in under 30-degree weather.”

– Image credit: [x]

I second that sentiment.


Personally I like mods, even sexy armor mods, but I feel that the tendency of most armor mods for games to immediately focus on battle bikinis for female characters is indicative of the culture of female costume design in games and related popular media.

Female armor mods, much like designs for female characters in commercial products, quickly turn into a sort of arms race to show off the most skin possible while pretending there’s some sort of design considerations being put in place.

Very rarely does the mod community in general get excited about making a more practical, a smarter or a more realistic outfit for a female character.  Mostly because the industry as a whole never bothers or challenges themselves to.

– wincenworks