Sword Photography

  • With Samantha Swords, winner of the open longsword competition in Harcourt Park World Invitational Jousting Tournament
  • Photography by Rey Alabastro
  • Armour by Shari Finn

Copyright: © Rey Alabastro Photography, 2013

Source: via Samantha Swords

This amazing woman is Samantha Mott. You need to know about her. Your life will better after this post, trust me.

Samantha is a competition fighter who won a world longsword tournament.

She owns a lot of swords, as you would imagine, but she also designed some of them herself to suit her particular forms of fighting.

She’s also a writer and artist

and is developing a graphic novel series.

She’s a stunt fighter who has performed in film and on stage.

And, oh yeah, she works for WETA Workshop in New Zealand.

She lead the team that built this armor for the Hobbit trilogy:

And these

She also worked on this from District 9

And most recently was the assistant to the Lead Fabricator for the HULC suit in Elysium

Let’s just be clear – this is a champion swordfighter, a weapon designer, a feature film prop and armor maker, a stunt performer, a fiction and non-fiction writer, and a cute monster drawing artist, all in one amazing woman.

Someone who does this much cool stuff is probably a snob and doesn’t have time for anyone else, right? Nope. Actually she does tutoring and youth work.

Her latest tweet was complaining about DC comics fucking up their continuity. Other tweets were about trans* rights and feminist issues.

This is pretty much the most awesome and inspiring person I’ve come across in a long time.

I guess my only question is – why aren’t there more movies about women like her?

Less media featuring grizzled white men with deep voices and a little stubble, more movies and games featuring badasses like Samantha Mott please!

– wincenworks

There’s always place for the awesome and talented Samantha “Swords” Mott in BABD’s posivite examples tag 🙂