Lamia queen, as seen in the Elder Scrolls Online.

These very aggressive  reptilian warriors are known to be oviparous. In fact, there is a very important quest which involves bringing their eggs home. This little piece of lore didn’t influence the designer’s wish to give every lamia entity breasts. That’s right, every single one, no distinction between male and female lamias! Three hoorays for equality! Or perhaps, while being busy with regarding all those bug reports, they forgot to implement males? Oh well, we can’t have it all.

In terms of actual armour, lamias have a few bracelets. The main protection is offered by a geniously placed layer of scales which protects everything but the vital parts. In fact, it’s “cleavage” is so deep, it goes all the way to the end of their tail. Make no mistakes, these fully sentient creatures do not crawl on their front so that only the back would be exposed to damage. No, they attack you head-on, uncovered chest-on! Just like any humanoid would. But at least  they’re safe from that knife-in-the-back kind of attack.

What really keeps me baffled are those anomalous growths just above their scaly “attire”…

Then again, seeing how they were portrayed in the second installment of The Elder Scrolls, this game has really made a positive step forward!

Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall was a very special game in that they seemed to have started incorporating female nudity in monsters, then expanded it to some other roles such as priestesses – then finally just decided why not make some of the female NPCs just be hanging around wearing very little.

This design though is amazing.  It abandons Daggerfall’s approach of copying classical mythology and instead goes for a baffling approach that defies both Darwinian Evolution and Intelligent Design. (Unless she was designed with a vital organ inside each boob)

And really… is this a monsters where they felt that boobs were necessary?  Honestly?  Is there a reason they couldn’t be scaled all over and leave that they’re all female in the fluff?  That way they might actually be terrifying for the right reasons.

People do know that there are female snakes right?  Without boobs.

– wincenworks