Okay Legend of the Cryptids, sometimes you’re pretty good, most of the time you’re the low hanging fruit… but this is special even for you.  And it perfectly illustrates what we talk about when we say double standards:

This is what a Immortal Vampire Lord looks like in Legend of the Cryptids:

He doesn’t get a name… but he gets clothes that stay on without superglue (and wishful thinking).

Basically what I’m saying is that if I can’t tell if your game was meant to be a fantasy combat game that got too porny, or a softcore game that tried to be fantasy combat themed – you should just go back to the drawing board.

– wincenworks

A quick note that this bat-shaped crotch cover she’s wearing would look more-or-less like this in real life:


The c-string (reviewed here) is designed very specifically and almost exclusively for burlesque stripper performance. Yup, that’s the “magic pad" yanavaseva wondered about in her butt armor write-up. Needless to say, wearing it does come with the risk of losing it at an inopportune moment.