soursundaes submitted:

How to genderbend, according to Resident Evil Official Art:

Option A: Remove Shirt
Obtion B: Remove Pants


The man is the Resident Evil character HUNK, the woman is the female gendered swapped HUNK, so this is the same character but apparently when she becomes a woman, she loses her pants. -_o

So you’re walking into zombie-infested territory where a bite or scratch might doom you to be a zombie, but you don’t wear pants.  That makes sense.  It’s like she was on a beach somewhere when duty called and she hurriedly put on her equipment, jacket, boots, then was like “oh crap!  I forgot to put on my pants!” but it was too late and she had to move out.

I mean, I don’t mind that they added a skirt. But really, it’s a horribly bad idea to leave the legs bare! Not to mention, it looks… well, stupid.

I’m pretty sure that’s not even a skirt, it looks like they’ve just added a couple of inches of length to her Battle Dress Uniform jacket  so they won’t have to give her a skirt.

This is particularly stupid for Resident Evil though for one reason, highlighted by the male HUNK.

See how his pants kind of conform and seem to have some sort of wrapping around where the pants meet the boot?  That’s a standard military/para-military practice with battle uniforms because it stops anything going up the pant leg.

Things that might go up a soldier’s pant leg include:

  • Snakes
  • Creepy crawly bugs
  • Tear gas, mustard gas or similar chemical weapons
  • Biological weapons such as a highly contagious zombie virus

Seriously what is the point of wearing your gas mask and wearing a sealable BDU jacket if you just leave the bottom open and your legs bare?

– wincenworks