Original bingo card courtesy of this guy.

Oh yeah, the New 52 Starfire, a classic example of complete WTFness in superheroine costume design.

I’d most definitely cross the “Covers only nipples & genitals” square and then “More metal used on boots/gauntlets than to cover vital organs”. Then probably “Skin-tight metal” and “Metal worn directly on bare skin”, assuming her outfit is at least partially metal.

I couldn’t find any evidence of male Tamaranians in the post-reboot DC universe, but funnily enough, her original design wouldn’t score “looks nothing like the male version” square:

The “Tamaranians absorb solar energy through bare skin” excuse was actually legit back in the 80’s.


PS: senator-awesomesause I’m not a guy 😉

PPS: I planned since forever to write an article that touches upon Starfire and her design throughout the years. Dear followers, please motivate me to do this in Disqus comments, replies or reblogs!