Okay, idea.
If I ever make an MMORPG that isn’t all retro and pixelated?
I will have a slider on your Inventory screens. And the slider will go from “Sexy” to “Practical” and every armor will be able to move along the slider for either gender.

So if you want to play the voluptuous female or runner-y man in skimpy armor that is less covering than He-Man’s classic look? You can.
And if you want to be fully covered and look like you won’t get skewered from stem to stern? You can.

And you can change your mind WHENEVER.

Give me like… ten years and $150,000. That should do it.

I would play the hell out of such game! Such a simple idea and makes such a big difference in comparison to the industry standards.

As a bonus, may I also suggest a gender slider that lets you play as anything on the spectrum between masculine and feminine?