Give me a videogame with an option for skimpy bikini armor on both genders but if you wear it your character dies really easily so you have to be really skilled at the game in order to play with said armor

filipfatalattractionrblog proposed something similar once, with skimpy armor making you more vulnerable, but gaining you stamina-based accomplishments.

I really wanna see such mechanic employed in a big name mainstream game.


In before people start citing a bunch of RPG-type games where you can remove your gear: It’s not the same as having actual gear that showcases the absurd extra danger of bikini armor within the mechanics.  Even if it diminishes general stats.

It’s just not the same for really highlighting how exposed that gear would make you, and gives you suitable feedback for overcoming it.

– wincenworks

Silly idea


A game where you’re playing as a knight whose armor was stolen. For this reason, he has to wear armor he made from random shit he had to scavenge for.

The makeshift armor happens to be made from armored shoulder pads, boots, gloves, a strip of cloth that barely covers his nipples, and some leather that ends up being a codpiece that accentuates his nether region.

Every enemy is a one hit kill, so he has to rely on distance attacking by MacGuyver-ing some spells and long-range weapons from other random shit.

So the my question is:

How do we get a major publisher like say… Square Enix… to option this?

– wincenworks


petition for a video game where everything is pretty much normal fantasy stuff except all the female armor is sensible, protective armor and all the males get sexy, stupidly skimpy stuff like leather thongs

I would play that! 😀


I buy that game just purely based of the fact that it’s got the gumption to do something different, so I want to see what else they might do different rather than just recycle the same tropes over and over and over and over.

– wincenworks


Okay, idea.
If I ever make an MMORPG that isn’t all retro and pixelated?
I will have a slider on your Inventory screens. And the slider will go from “Sexy” to “Practical” and every armor will be able to move along the slider for either gender.

So if you want to play the voluptuous female or runner-y man in skimpy armor that is less covering than He-Man’s classic look? You can.
And if you want to be fully covered and look like you won’t get skewered from stem to stern? You can.

And you can change your mind WHENEVER.

Give me like… ten years and $150,000. That should do it.

I would play the hell out of such game! Such a simple idea and makes such a big difference in comparison to the industry standards.

As a bonus, may I also suggest a gender slider that lets you play as anything on the spectrum between masculine and feminine?



Hi, I just found this blog and I think it’s the coolest thing ever. I was curious: What’s your opinion on skimpy armor being an option, but not a requirement?
For MMOs and the like, having a choice between skimpy and practical armor would be great! I should stress though that the option should be available on both genders.
For games with a set outfit, however, characters should dress in a way that fits their personalities.

Wait, that’s an intereting idea if it was also installed in battle mechanics and you could get different accomplishments for wearing different sets of armor. Sexy armor would make you esaier to be hit, but would allow to easier gain rewards for accomplishments like “belly of iron/steel/titanium” (“get hit in the stomach 20/50/100 times but continue fighting without healing”). Protective armor however would allow you to gain accomplishments like “Stop trying to hit me and hit me!” (get hit and have armor take all the damage 100 times”).

Somebody needs to make it happen. Just to have “hardcore gamers” going through every outfit possible to get all accomplihsments.

I like your way of thinking 😉

In-game accomplishments based on the kind of outfit you’re wearing sound awesome!