So what’s the perfect way to market your game about tanks throughout the ages, featuring real tanks from real wars?  Apparently, it’s a pinup image from Garth Ennis’s crass and brutal satire of the superhero genre, The Boys.

And in case you’re wondering, yes they are adding characters from the series as characters in the game – no none of them are female.  Female characters are relegated to the position of, inspiration for paint schemes.¹ (content warning: sexual assault)


It’s almost like the people engaged in these kind of marketing and product design initiatives don’t see women as people…

– wincenworks

¹ This particular character, Starlight, advertised unironically in their promotional video, seems to completely omit that the the character in The Boys is recruited by the team seen as “heroes” by the public exclusively to use her as a PR image.  She is told such upon her recruitment, around the same time she is orally r*ped.  This is apparently the sort of image that World of Tanks thinks people want associated with their units. (Not the bit where she rebels, just the bit where she’s useful as PR eye candy).