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I accidentally came across this, and I thought it’d be an appropriate submission.

I looked at the other male “holy warrior” cards and artwork, and of
course, most of them had reasonable armor and anatomy. *sigh*

The image is Gallant Squire of Light, from Legend of the Cryptids

I assume the Gallant Squire of Dark has the rest of her armor… at
least she was kind enough to leave the double-sided tape behind.


As soon as I saw it on @eschergirls​ I knew this would be our next bingo. 

In short, Legend of the Cryptids (and, by extension, Applibot) continues to be the neverending well of cringe content for both our blogs. 

Personally I can not imagine unironically painting that poor excuse for a boobplate without permanently feeling dead inside as an artist. 

Bonus: At higher level, it actually gets WORSE, definitely even chafier.


Because of course it does. It’s Legend of the Crap Cryptids.


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