My contribution to @magicmeatmarch this year! It’s a set of armor fit for a light and swift fighter. It protects the important parts while avoiding restrictions on mobility.

I’d been wanting to make a larger breatplate-type item for a while, this felt like a good excuse. I went with the overlapping plates motif that I’ve used in a number of other projects. It’s secured in place with Too Many Buckles along the sides. When it’s all tightened up it has a bit of a corset nature, straightening up your posture. Made it a bit tricky to do the over-the-top twisting-to-show-off-tits-and-butt poses. But I persevered.

The codpiece, bracers and cuisses were older designs, but it’s always good to fit them into matching outfits.

Closing the (so far) trilogy of​ Magic Meat March sexy armors we reblogged from armoreddragon: this very practical and light plate thing! 

It reminds me a tiny bit of this atrocity from Queen’s Blade, except tailored with actually appropriate amount of supportive belts. 


And I can’t imagine that if @armoreddragon’s model happened to be female that she would have to worry about her breasts flopping out, like that poor anime character. 

I dunno about you guys, but no matter the gender, I have far less trouble being turned on by a skimpy armor-clad character if what they’re wearing is actually physically possible on a real human.