Nasira, Viper of the Sands, by Thomas Randby

I will preface this by saying that I am a sucker for good, deep blues, as well as sleeveless turtlenecks, but even ignoring that we have both of those, this design is really nice. 

Considering that this is a fan concept for League of Legends, I think this is the kind of colors they might have tried to do, but failed. (Those of you who watch our streams might remember my disdain for LoL’s old 2-color designs.) Here, we do still have 2 main colors, but there are also accent colors. And I love the shapes too.

This artist actually worked (possibly still works) at Riot when this was drawn, and boy, would I love to see this character in LoL. Feel free to check out the artist’s gallery for some cool concepts (though there’s a lot of LoL art in there).


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