So, at the present moment due to her recent addition to the game – Anna Williams of weird (creepcontent warning: forced stripping as public humilation) misogynistic “these sisters hate each other and publicly humiliate each other kink in my game” fame is one of the “faces” of Tekken 7 right now.  Traditionally her outfits have been cocktail dresses, but this one may be the worse one yet.

Of course, it’s not just this outfit that’s terrible… she has a couple of others which look like really bad Halloween costumes “sexy pirate” and… I don’t even know.


And just in case that wasn’t horrifying enough – apparently she’s hiding not just throwing knives but a rocket launcher within that outfit.

That is not a joke.

And of course the other one (ie the guy) is Lei, who gets to wear like… comfy street clothes.

– wincenworks

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