Mike Choi on Instagram: “An interview in progress”

Mike Choi on Instagram: “An interview in progress”


You might remember when I put Mike Choi’s new, godawful redesign of Laura Kinney’s new costume and his arguments in defense of it through both bingos from @bikiniarmorbattledamage . Going by a picture he posted on his Instagram (you can also find it on his twitter), he didn’t take the backlash against the outfit well. You can see it here:


I’d say I need to update rhetorics bingo but I don’t see a square for outright calling people assholes and telling them to go fuck themselves.

I like how he has to go and actually repeat points from that rhetorics despite how bad they are. I mean, he even went back to the old “she chooses to dress that way” argument with “Women like Laura do what they fucking feel like”.

I would lose all desire of supporting Laura’s new book after this if it wasn’t for the fact that I know Marvel will learn nothing from its eventual failure. They will claim they were totally right to force her back into a skimpy outfit because “sex sells” and to undo her character development and force her back to a codename she rejected (and that stands for dehumanization and abuse did to her more than anything else) because “X-23 is an established brand” and will simply blame Mariko Tamaki for not being able to stop a boat they blew dozen of holes in from sinking. I will still give serious thought if I actually will support that book because it feels to me Marvel is hell-bent on making it fail and I could use my time helping other titles stay afloat.

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So remember those new skimpy Laura Kinney/X-23 costumes Mike Choi did and how he explained his design process without actually explaining anything

Well, he’s back and ready to prove unambiguously that he belongs to the camp of butthurt industry professional artist.
Congrats, Mr. Choi, you can proudly take place next to people like Thierry “Save the BoobplateVan Gyseghem, J. ScottShoulderpads are UnfeminineCampbell, ErikSave us from PracticalLarsen, Tony “Fake Geek Girl” Harris and Frank “Pissy Baby Tantrum” Cho! What a company to be in. 

I guess Choi is at least honest about all the spite he’s stewing in.


Ivy & Starfire: Fan Feedback edition!

Jumping ahead for this post to past weekend’s 50th Stream Extravaganza Finale so we can showcase two pieces that would not exist without our Fans

The first was a response to our Soul Calibur 6 Ivy reveal Bingo, telling us to just “let them be hot.” 


I decided to take them up on their advice, and made Ivy into a hot, firey, Machiavellian goddess. She’s so hot, she’s even sweating a little! 

And in case you’re wondering, everything below the waist there is Fire–as it should be.


The second is an attempt to meet the very vague expectations that some random new commenter left under the old Injustice Starfire redesign. They implied that compared to the super-skinny original, my stouter version actually wasn’t muscular… and at the same time implied that this alien humanoid might be too heavy to use her power of flight


Following this very helpful comment, I used two newer, better quality images from the game, redid Star’s bodytype and gave her a costume redesign I was working on in my free time. 

NOW princess Koriand’r is of perfectly muscular and aerodynamic shape, not to mention the adequate weight to get off the ground and get decent momentum! 



So far the most requested armor fix – Female Corrin in her Nohr Noble armor!

Not gonna lie, I’m not sure why they keep designing those chafing hazards. That honestly bothers me more than the huge boob windows by now.

What a lovely fix! I realize that not a lot had to be changed from the original, but I really like the top of the breastplate, the longer sleeves and the chainmail. There are a lot of strange holes in the armor in the original, so it’s nice to see them gone. And I actually like that the pauldron was made smaller, just because it looks so out-of-place in the original. One thing I would personally change is add a gold accent to the bottom edge of her breastplate. Overall, I think this is a great armor fix.

According to lore, the character does have to be barefoot, but the excuse that it’s because she turns into a dragon is Not Good. I’m not mad about it, in any case. She can still wear socks.


Yesterday – while looking with Icy through Heroes of Newerth’s art page, the endless depository of painfully generic, often plagiarized, and even more often super sexist and racist artwork – we found this fairy… thing and agreed she’s a perfect bingo material. And boy is she! 

If not for her weird furry feet, she’d very likely get a bingo with high heels.