Tidy Up Tuesday #81

We were sorry to find out that Tumblr mobile app doesn’t respect the “Read more” feature (funnily, Tumblr viewed through mobile Internet browsers does!). Apologies to readers who saw “defeated” Kanpani Girl pics on their dashboards.

Speaking of Kanpani Girls, as far as our research can tell, that game was not considered porn/hentai/NSFW by its publisher’s standards (they do sell a lot of that stuff, but on a separate web portal). 

Also, it was discontinued in April of 2017, proving, as couple other closed down games we talked about before, that “sex” doesn’t sell.

Some people rushed in to explain to us that Warhammer 40k is supposed to be ridiculous and not taken seriously. 

To them we gotta say: tell that to all the geniuses who sincerely think that female Space Marines are literal blasphemy

Things we addressed before: 

-Ozzie, -Icy & ~wincenworks

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