Ophis (Dragon’s Dogma)

Okay, I just have to include this blurb about her from the wiki because it made me laugh:

“The leader of the Westron Labrys band of lady bandits in the western part of the peninsula. She loves to fight, and hates men.”

Is that why she doesn’t wear a normal breastplate, cause it’s too man-like? Seeing the designs of other lady NPCs in the game, this looks like just another generic bad armor design rather than any attempt at characterization. It’s disappointing that they decided that she needed sleeves, but not the rest of the undershirt, which would have prevented the chafing that’s probably the reason she’s so grumpy.

My headcanon is that she’s killing men because they’re the ones wearing comfortable armor, and she just hasn’t looted a breastplate that fits her well enough yet.


“I hate men, therefore I dress in a way that panders to them!” reminds me of Oglaf’s Glamazon Way strip

Except Oglaf is a self-aware parody and makes a point about gendered double standards instead of playing them straight with no subversion.