@doctordoomsgreatesthits submitted:

I suggest you write something concerning how League Of Legends stepped back from “variety, at last” to “every female character looks exactly the same and is oversexualized”. A good point to start would be the brand new character they added to the game, Kai’Sa or whatever she’s named. You can also mention how they thought they’d fix the issue by trying to make the males as generic and oversexualized as the females (case in point: the Swain rework).

coolforthesummerj submitted:

So League Of Legends just released there newest champest kai’sa i and she looks pretty cool gameplay-wise being a void hunter but appearance-wise she looks very generic. most void champions are giant monsters or look infected by the void. for instance this is what her father kassidan looks like. 


As you can see her father looks a lot more monster-like. the story of kai’sa is that she was kidnapped by the void and her father went looking for her and they are both infected. but for some reason kassidan is the one who becomes a monster while kai’sa at worst looks like shes from “kill la kill”

Also her alternate skin “bullet angel” looks very similiar to another skin “project vayne”: 


Can you tell which is which? (the top one is Kai’sa if you want to know) These skins really don’t look different at all

Honestly im pretty disappointed how safe Kai’sa’s design is compared to most void champions. even taking away the void aspect she has a pretty common body-type for a female league character and a cleave window that just seems to be there for “fan-service”. what do you guys think? 

Wow, LoL, after introducing only two female characters that don’t look like oversexualized dolls, you’re done with actual creativity and back to the land of “creative freedom”? 

To be frank, we kind of knew this would be the case at least since Evelynn’s “needs more sexy!” rework

We’re not surprised or mad really, just disappointed