Remember when I said earlier that Kojima reference never gets old? Wish I meant it only as “mocking that tweet about Quiet is always funny”.

NOPE. Media creators actually keep using some variation of “Once you learn why her being half naked has convenient in-story reasons, you will feel ashamed about your comments” to preemptively shut down criticism they know they gonna get for creepy double standards in costume/character design

So, again, let’s make it clear: designing fictional explanations for gratuitously creepy ideas in fiction does not mean they’re impervious from real-world critique.


Even before Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle movie came out this winter, its Thermian argument for the “jungle wardrobe” was more or less known: those are video game avatars of the teenage characters sucked into virtual incarnation of Jumanji. Also, Jack Black’s character’s a girl.

Does that explain Karen Gillan’s stereotypical “sexy action girl” look? Yeah, sure

Does that justify it? Is recreating the problems of the video game industry in a comedy that takes place inside of a magical video game a good commentary on those problems? Not necessarily. Doing satire is very hard.

Did that explanation really warrant a Kojima-style “Wait till you know the plot before criticizing” social media post?




So naturally when we first posted this a bunch of people rushed to tell us this was a reference to Lara Croft (as though we’d never heard of her).  Now, Lara has had many looks in her long career… but literally none of them have included a faux holster that is made exclusively to function as a “lifts and separates” cupless cincher.


So right there, that kind of subverts any claim of “it’s the point we’re making” that was pushed as the explanation for this:


And to be honest, reality already did peak highlighting of the absurdity of the short shorts back in 2008. When, then official face of Lara Croft, Alison Carrol, did a photoshoot demonstrating her gymnastic ability and the shorts’ inability to completely cover her labia majora.

– wincenworks