cantankerouskaputnik submitted:

Can’t believe nobody has submitted this guy yet – meet Warrior of the Rabbit from Juuni Taisen (official design). It’s a fun currently running anime, too bad they didn’t spice things up further by adding some reasonably-dressed women. 

(Anyone looking up Juuni Taisen keep in mind that it’s a brutal battle royale-type series that should come with content warning for violence and gore)

Now THAT, unlike the monstrosity from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, is a sexy rabbit everyone was waiting for! Just an unironic male equivalent of the Playboy Bunny outfit and muscular masculine body (those thunder thighs!). 

Indeed, too bad the creators just couldn’t stop but generically sexualize female characters :-/ Because pairing up violent subject matter with objectification is such a good and creative idea, right?


[left to right: Tiger, Monkey, Rooster, Boar]

I’m most disappointed by Monkey’s pantlessness and the shameless emphasis on Boar’s breasts. So close to decent designs, yet so far.


At least one other character in the anime, the Warrior of the Rat, dons a lovely classic Battle Thong!


He also seems to have been designed through this method.

Though he would have been better off without all that bothersome black underclothing. Truly, a missed opportunity.