hey can we uhhhhhhhhh get rid of boob armor?

and i mean in every fictional setting like fantasy, scifi, etc but here are two prime examples:

these are both………… pretty weird. i get that wonder woman’s outfit has been the same since 1941 but she still serves as a good example, and idek what’s going on with valkyrie. a lot of people praise this for being “feminine but functional” but this still means there’s some armor smith out there carefully molding breastplates to fit each individual boob (as per that one tumblr post going around that i don’t have the link to).

here’s an example of real life armor on women:

there you go. some real women wearing real armor made for real combat situations. now listen, i’ve worn this and yeah—– this shit’s functional. and no, it doesn’t squish your boobs in, no matter what you’re doing. it actually fits quite snugly despite how it looks. see how no effort was made to have individual boobs poke through? that’s because that shit ain’t necessary. in fact the breast molding would be pretty terrible for your rib cage but i’m sure you’ve all seen that post.

at least star wars got this one right:


YES! Gwendoline Christie is a perfect example of someone who plays two characters who are female warriors Brienne from GoT and Captain Phasma from Star Wars and they have armor that is protective and functional and armor doesn’t have to be sexy.

Boobplate is the ever-returning topic on this blog and we couldn’t agree more with the points brought up in this post (because we discussed them in one way or another before). 

Valkyrie actually gets another – not ideal, but better set of armor in the same movie, and I have a sneaking suspicion they made this boobplate-y one just to lower the audience’s standards

And while Wonder Woman’s costume wasn’t exactly the same throughout history, even if it was, that’s no reason NOT to improve it in all the present and future adaptations, reboots and new media installments she’s in.


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