What do you think of the argument that women can be “sexy and badarse at the same time”


It all depends on the larger conversation and the overall motive behind the argument really.

If someone argues that say, women are complicated people and thus capable being many things and showcasing it as the situation requires – thus one may be still sexy when in full armor and badarse down to her bones.


If someone uses it as an attempt to silence criticism regarding character design by claiming that since the character is doing badarse things, having her always dressed in sexy lingerie makes it more impressive and empowering?


– wincenworks

This week’s throwback: a valid argument in favor of complex female characters that is easily warped into excuse for all the “weaponized feminity” of the Fighting F*cktoys/“strong” female characters in media. 

Again, character being sexy while fighting and/or in armor are not mutually exclusive (sexyness can be conveyed in many ways), but character and her armor being overtly sexualized while fighting is at best inherently silly and never really justifiable if played straight. Especially when the only kind of character this happens to is women.