No no, it’s cool you guys, I’m sure “sexy” is more important to your survival than “armor” or “protection from the unloving vacuum of space should even a teeny bit of this mission go wrong”. You’re the professionals. Somehow.

No, there will never be a day when I will not be annoyed with… certain character design aspects.

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We’ve covered before that, had Mass Effect 2 maintained the standards of the original – Jack’s outfit could have been read as a kind of statement of rebellion and non-conformity.  

Unfortunately, in a universe where warrior nuns of justice wander about with super deep plunging cleavage… for like no reason, it easily be read as a certain marketing guy advocating for more and more skin (and may very well have been a key component of the final design)

The concept art itself does make it pretty clear that they explored a lot of options for Jack expressing her contempt for conformity, many of them featuring elements that would have gone well with her final look:

So ultimately I think the lesson to be learned from it is if you want your revealing and/or sexy outfits to have a message, you have to not surround them with other outfits that are sexy because woman.

– wincenworks