Tidy Up Tuesday #70

While we occasionally comment on contorted female anatomy, we urge our readers not to submit or tag us in posts that deal only with that issue. Please hit up our dear friend Ami @eschergirls when you see some atrociously twisted female character bodies in media.

The corpse of a mighty Viking warrior has recently been confirmed to be female.

Some historians have expressed concerns that people may over estimate the prevalence of warrior women, nobody can dispute that it’s pretty sweet that DNA testing has confirmed that history’s old system of just assuming if a skeleton has weapons it’s a dude has been debunked.

In related news, it’s also been discovered that during the Bronze Age it was women who were prone to traveling and men who generally stayed a home.  So the next time someone claims that women in fantasy worlds should not be riding dragons into battle against trolls because of historical accuracy – feel free to point out to them that lots of assumptions about historical accuracy are confirmed to be historically inaccurate.

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