what is something you cant stand in games regardless of genre?




Zack: Escort quests.

Nikko: Immersion breaking female armor. I refuse to play certain games because it seems just ridiculous to me. Like this:

This makes me so mad, not for the obvious reasons, but because it just breaks any sense of the world being real (which is important to me, follow the rules of your universe however dumb). If it’s a fantasy world where everyone’s skin is made of stone- fine- let ALL of the characters run around in skimpy armor. But when the female armor looks like this compared to the male armor… it breaks any sense of immersion to me. I completely ruined Tera for me along with other games (Nier). 


Escort quests, yeah. Or.. 

Like fan service…just why. 

But yeah escort quests, fan service, and uhhh shooting games…regardless of genre.

Have you seen @bikiniarmorbattledamage?

@bikiniarmorbattledamage is a amazing, thank you lol

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We have many problems with skimpy female armors (like the fact how ugly and derivative they tend to be), but the immersion-breaking double standard has always been among the biggest issues.
The idea of skimpy armor itself isn’t necessarily bad. It all relies on the execution and consistency with the established worldbuilding.