Tidy Up Tuesday #57

A few things to tidy up here, a lot of them having to do with For Honor

Since the armor is a bit complicated and there’s a lot of feedback, there will be at least one more post on the differences and design decisions.  It will take a little time to assemble though.

Firstly though, thank you for the many submissions we’ve been receiving lately, with our diminished posting schedule it’s hard to keep but we have some great user-submitted posts we want to share soon.

Back to For Honor (and other games): The world presented by the game devs is at least as much a part of the game as the player customization screen.

Gender select on most of the classes does not erase how the game itself presents gender such as, for example, refers to armies as “these men” or when the game presents suspicious dismorphism as standard.

Having a skin tone slider that allows your character to be the only brown person in the world (and somehow unnoticed for it) doesn’t make a game above criticism for diversity issues.

If you believe that cultural and ethnic diversity is a relatively new thing and so it’s fine when it’s absent in fantasy, then we strongly encourage you to check out the plethora of material available on @medievalpoc ( facebook | twitter )

If you would like to learn more about issues relating to diversity we strongly recommend checking out and supporting:

For other issues relating to feedback we’ve gotten on the For Honor posts, as I said a post is coming but some related posts are:

(And if you’re still stressing out, remember it is listed as a positive example, however we pointed out issues with it. BABD is a critic blog and no product is ever perfect. Not even our favourites.)

Some things we’ve covered before:

~Ozzie & -wincenworks