Sabine Wren

@rainymeadows submitted:

So this is the design for Sabine Wren in season three of Star Wars Rebels.

She’s Mandalorian and artsy and it shows. So far she’s had a different design in each season and this one has been easily the most protective yet. Her chest plate is larger, her sleeves look thicker and she even has a convoree design on one of her shoulderplates as a tribute to a lost comrade. And she’s only 18-19 years old and looking very strong and tough and ready for battle.

I’m sure she’ll look fantastic in the Force Arena mobile game! After all, everybody else who was translated from show to game got pretty accurate representations!


This reminds me a lot of the story of how Lara Croft was originally going to have a modest bosom, but then the 3D modeler accidentally extended the polygons too far and was told by his boss to “just leave it like that!”

Only in this case I get the feeling they originally made the model rather true to the design, then just kept getting told “make it rounder” until they started to worry it would be too ridiculous, even for Star Wars.

If they’re going to pretend an armored plate is a sports bra the least they could do is give it some straps.

– wincenworks