Players Say Fatal Frame’s New Costumes Are Censorship

Players Say Fatal Frame’s New Costumes Are Censorship


Given how regularly we get people rush in to tell us that we cannot question anything from outside the USA because of cultural reasons (never mind that neither of us is from the USA, or even near it) – this is kind of darkly hilarious.

Apparently Nintendo’s judgement is only unquestionable as long as they’re pandering to entitled straight men – as soon as that stops it’s an evil conspiracy  to censor video games involving one or more of the following:

  • Everyone in politics from religious conservatives to liberal activists
  • “the Internet police”
  • The developers not “wanting the game to succeed”
  • the singular group of people who are the only ones who ever have concerns (except about censorship?)
  • Numerous groups zealot groups unique to western culture (as if God of War III was never altered for Japanese release)

Of course, it goes without saying that one can never include pandering in these video games – even when it’s fan service labeled “fan service” it’s always there for deep artistic reasons.

Speaking of which, my favourite part of the comments was this justification and insistence that these costumes are essential in a franchise which is about going around haunted houses, taking photos of ghosts with magic cameras:


Yeah, that’s the part that doesn’t make sense – is anyone else getting flashbacks to something else?

– wincenworks

As a follow up to the shout out to the guy who finds warrior women more unrealistic than dragons, it’s worth mentioning that when they do decide they want the sexy women wearing almost nothing – not only will literally any excuse do but when they get that excuse it becomes enshrined as narrative genius.

Even when it’s so ridiculous that you can make a joke of it just by mentioning what the explanation, is self defeating, is flimsier than the outfit they’re defending, sounds too ridiculous for porn or depends entirely on you believing that fictional characters are real people with real feelings to hurt.

To them I say: Guys, PointandClickbait is supposed to be satire, stop making it into real news!

– wincenworks

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