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Recently the webcomic DMFA: Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventures by Amber “Miss Mab” Williams did a comic that directly referenced (and made fun of) the bikini armor and Sexy armor trope, as well as the “we can’t tell its a girl in real armor” trope.


“The heart-armour set. It is rumored to be a set of armor so enchanted with protection and warding magics that weapons are unable to strike a shot at whoever is wearing it. Supposedly a gift from clan leader Nact’Larn herself. Whether or not these armour sets are genuine in their abilities is unknown, as they’ve never been worn on the field. Instead they simply circulate among Taun clan as that re-occurring gag gift that gets re-gifted every year around the holidays.”

Page #1708: The Blue makes it for boys

This one speaks for itself, i think.

The sad part of this joke are the real people who still genuinely do believe female armor needs gender signifiers (because it’s somehow otherwise masculine by default).



That’s why such “reasoning” is featured on the Female Armor Rhetoric Bingo:


We at BABD agree with Illiath: gendering of armor is okay as long as it’s not female-exclusive! A skimpy male armor for every metal bikini. A metal codpiece for every boobplate!