In case anyone wanted to argue that things like, say, Dragon’s Crown, Macho Women With Guns, Slayer’s Guide to Female Gamers or Axe Princess are supposed to be parodies/social commentary and therefore get a free card at employing questionable tropes… NOPE, that’s not how it works!


This also applies if your “commentary” piece requires the audience to participate in hours of extra content and then engage in a elaborate mental gymnastics in order to find the commentary. eg Metal Gear Solid or Dragon’s Dogma.  

No amount of elaborate post event justification is going to undo the objectification.

– wincenworks

Okay, so unfortunately certain events pretty much guarantee that we’re going to get an influx of assholestroubled individuals who are going to try to push boundaries and try to churn out all kinds of excuses when confronted or otherwise feel they’re at risk of being accountable.

I also expect we’ll see lot of another old claim that Mike addressed very recently on his twitter.


Please everyone: take care of yourselves, help those who are more exposed than you and do not buy into the idea that doing something is any less terrible if someone later claims it was a joke, satire or “a social experiment”

– wincenworks

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