Girl’s Costume Warehouse (X)


and frog

And don’t forget the warehouse’s special warrior department, presenting:

Sexy barbarian:


Sexy assassin:


Sexy knight:


Sexy archer:


Sexy alien superhero


Sexy evil wizard


Sexy gladiator:


Sexy space soldier:


Sexy corpse:


Sexy war nun looking for redemption through death:


The classic, Sexy little girl transformed into a powerful beast:



And frog:


– wincenworks

And of course, what’s Halloween without the off-brand costumes?

Sexy Purple Murder Lady (x)


Sexy Gold and Little Wing Bits Armor Lady (x)


Sexy Warrior Lady in Weird Cocktail Dress (x)


Sexy Space Nerd Girl Who Loves Lollipops (x)


Sexy Tiny Adorable Animal Gladiator (x)


One thing’s for sure: I’m scared.

– wincenworks


I did an armor edit of Charlotte from Fire emblem! Finished product first.

It’s not perfect, but I really like it. This is my first time finishing a large project like this (started three days ago, whew)! I want to revise other characters from Conquest, too, because I personally think that their personalities could be better reflected if their designs were revisited.

@bikiniarmorbattledamage This is an old subject, but I thought you might appreciate my take on Charlotte’s design from FE.

That’s a second attempt at fixing Charlotte’s nonsensical costume on our blog and it’s a damn solid one.

Amazing attention to detail. I especially like the belt rings which hold up her cincher. They both reference rings on her belt and gorget, while their placement is subtly implying on the character’s… naughty nature.



red-queen-on-the-heathen-throne submitted:

This is the Gunslinger class image from Revelation Online. A guy in a
Guild Wars 2 Facebook group recommended this. Why, I don’t know, there
is zero resemblance to GW2 here.

…on second thought, GW2 also has centaurs, at least. And guns, I
guess? But at least when GW2 does boob armour, both sides are the same
size, and no-one in Tyria has sticks for arms. How does she hope to fire
anything with THAT stance and THOSE arms? And why is her head so small?
To match the tiny top hat? Why anything in this picture? ôO

For bonus hilarity, the German version of the site translated her
class as “Scharfschütze” -> “sharpshooter”. Someone looked at this
and thought “yep, that’s what a proper sniper looks like”.

And they were so proud of her, they used her as the header image,
too. I think? It’s a little hard to tell, to be honest, the faces look
nothing alike, the guns seem to have turned from weirdly thin shotguns
to some sort of flintlock pistol, and those ridiculous shoes are a bit

She’s less a centaur woman than an emu woman.  Maybe this game is meant as a dramatization of the Great Emu War*?

*yes this is an actual thing

I’m not sure what part find most amazing… that they seem to have tried to spin this costume into quasi-steampunk without adding goggles and pointless cogs (how is that hat staying on her head?) or that she is, by far, not the most ridiculously clad class option:

They didn’t remember to give the “Swordmage” a sword.

– wincenworks

Tidy up Tuesday #53

Clearing things up this week:

Since apparently there’s a lot of confusion (as in – lack of reading comprehension) in notes under the Symmetra follow up post; for the record: Blizzard are the ones saying that the feedback and the stats mean Symmetra is currently nonviable

Detailed rules for our Halloween contest, including the deadline (Nov 20), are available on this subpage

We encourage everyone, despite artistic skill, to take part in the competition. As long as artwork is finished, readable and within the contest rules, it’s totally eligible for a win! We’re intending to judge creative ideas, not skill levels of the contestants. Good luck!

~Ozzie & – wincenworks

Since in my last bingo I visited League of MaidensWonder Wo… Athena, natural next choice is Angela, I mean Persephone and her totally legit, gravity-defying spiky fetish nipple holders… I mean armor.

Now THAT is a supreme example of the kind of unironically sexist commercial design the Female Armor Bingo was made for. Which is not a good thing. At all.

It’s been a long time since we saw gravityless spiky boob things so reminiscent of the worst TERA Online has to offer.