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Time to spoil a seven year old game.  Let’s talk about Kiera Stokes from FEAR 2: Project Origin

This is Lt Stokes

She is the only woman on the Dark Signal squad, and while technically her body armor covers the same spaces as her male counterparts, the game feels the need to have her undershirt not cover her stomach.

Naturally, she gets gut shot by recurring antagonist Aristide.

Don’t make your female characters a Stokes.

Whenever things like this happen I always imagine the creators picking an outfit for the character, laughing about an obvious problem with it then congratulating themselves for being geniuses for showcasing the flaw in their character’s choices without ever considering who really made those choices.

I can’t help but notice that they also decided that Stokes was the only one who didn’t need elbow length sleeves or elbow pads… presumably they were concerned that someone might mistake her for having arms with the kind of tone that tends to accompany intensive combat training.

– wincenworks