Allegedly this is a comic based off the Mars Attacks property… you know the one where our world, the one we live in, is invaded by whacky aliens?

Yeah, it seems that the comics don’t really care for that whole “relate to our world” angle and instead want to blend whacky aliens with cliche comic costumes and over-sized swords.

Interestingly, in the very first page the protagonist’s “dream” shows in a far less sexualized costume… I sense the meddling of Creepy Marketing Guy.

– wincenworks

Wasn’t Mars Attacks born out of love for 50s horror movies and comics, especially schlocky ones and keeps referencing the 50s/60s aesthetic? This costume here isn’t even a reference to that era of sexism in depiction of women. It’s just random “gritty” late 90s/early 2000s-style black leather and random straps thing.

Saddest part, it’s still an improvement regarding how the comics in the franchise looked in the 90s, around the time Tim Burton’s movie adaptation came out: