Legends of Tomorrow

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After seeing the promotional picture for the Legends of Tomorrow version of the Justice Society of America, and specifically their version of Stargirl, I opted to do a five second redesign to make the look feel… well, more like something a superpowered woman in the 1940s would wear.

My Redesign


The source


It should be noted that Stargirl in the comics looks almost identical to the source photo, but she is also set in modern day, not 1941.

Look, I get that superhero costumes were based on the super tight outfits strongmen wore in order to show off their physique.  That does not mean when transplanting a female character to WWII you can bring her costume without baggage.

I have to say, I really like the redesign – it’s nice and conveys the spirit of the era without fussing about too much with the specifics or worrying about trying to pin down a particular moment in fashion.  

As for the official image.. there’s something about the super heroine costumes I just can’t put my finger on… something to do with history.  Something the show probably should have come across while doing some research on World War Two era fashions, life and technology…


Seriously DC Comics, you should know better… not even Catwoman wore spandex in the 1940s and she was a femme fatale from word go!


– wincenworks

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