Tidy up Tuesday #50

Longer tidy up after two weeks:

Rose of Winter’s playable DEMO (with music by Undertale’s Toby Fox) is here! Check it out to see how it’s worth all the support on Steam Greenlight!

While lack of helmet isn’t realistically a good thing for armor design (and often gets used as a tool of gendered double standards – hence it’s on the bingo), we do not think an otherwise positive example should be considered ruined or invalid because of it.

Don’t feel shy to send us a redraw/redesign of bad armor, we’d be happy to have it among positive examples!

When submitting a bingo to BABD, mark it however you want, even in MS Paint. Ozzie, for example, uploads blank card to her sta.sh and scribbles on it with deviantArt Muro – feel free to do the same if you have dA account.

Things we addressed before: 

Oh, and for those who are still enraged at our male empowerment tag – remember that avoiding it is as easy as not following our blog.  Avoiding similar examples with female characters is as simple as traversing to an alternative reality or moving to another planet.

~Ozzie & – wincenworks