Zero Suit Samus’ Heels: Why it’s a Big Deal and Why You Should Care



So the thing I keep hearing is that Samus’s new Zero Suit design from SSB4 is okay because “they’re not actually high heels, they’re jet boots.”


But before we get into that: why is it a big deal that Samus is wearing heels in the first place?

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Great article regarding character and costume design of Samus Aran throughout the years. Things to learn from it:

  • why slapping “jet boots” label on high heels doesn’t justify the heels
  • what Samus’s appearance conveyed in the old Metroid games and what it does now
  • why is Zero Suit worse than a two-piece skin revealing costume Samus used to have
  • how the recent games betrayed Zero Suit’s original purpose

I highly recommend reading it whole!


In addition, Shattered Earth did a great breakdown on the “Jet Boots” (Dr Evil air quotes there) and explored what they might have looked like if they were designed with purpose here.

– wincenworks

This week’s blast from the past: great breakdown of the infamous Samus’s “jet boots” which happen to look exactly like really badly designed and anatomically impossible high heels

Also, as a reader, Ceithir, reminded us, our blog never featured this concept art from Metroid Fusion, which confirms that Zero Suit was never meant to involve impossibly high heeled footwear.


Well that priority sure survived for long…