@the-poop-tart666 submitted:

HiRez’s newest goddess, Terra, Roman goddess of earth, versus Geb, Egyptian god of earth.

And naturally Terra is just another sexy human female character with with a (rock) bikini.

And Geb is a literal massive chunk of sentient rock.


I wanted to make some statement about hopefully this will not be responded to by someone claiming SMITE uses only non-sexual, historically accurate nudity for their depiction – but experience tells me that kind of hope is merely the first step on the road to Disappointment.

You would think given they’ve shown they have at least an inkling of what Roman armor looked like – they’d at least try something vaguely Roman themed.  Instead we got.


Oh, and for those who already typed up their angry comment that since Terra was often depicted as topless or even nude, this is an “improvement” – I invite you to look up how Geb was depicted and this ask yourself why is that all the Egyptian gods in Smite are depicted inhuman creatures but all the Egyptian goddesses are depicted as sexy ladies.

HiRez has zero concerns about the authenticity of it’s designs, is highly problematic in a wide variety of ways and swapping out non-sexualized nudity for ridiculous hypersexualized nonsense is certainly not an improvement.

– wincenworks