At this point I feel that it is also worth pointing out that Shantae’s magical abilities allow her to transform into a variety of creatures.  So people arguing she needs the outfit, that wouldn’t work for belly dancing, at all times are apparently fine with her being an elephant in game:


But not with the idea that maybe she should wear something that doesn’t look like a sex shop parody of a Genie/Bellydancer outfit.  It’s puzzling.

That and we should also mention, there was a vote for backers to decide which design for the “rival” genie would be used.  Let’s look at the variety of options.


Gotta say, I’m actually impressed the design that eventually won was the one with bra straps so at least some suggestion of breast support and the least impractical shoes.  Of course, we’ll have to wait until release to see if those are “in execution”.

– wincenworks