Some characters I designed very VERY fast as a parody of anything where the men are mostly covered and have more varied body types, while the women have…the opposite.

But it’s totally okay you guys! Because the guy on the far right is, like, bigger than the rest of the men! And he’s not wearing any clothes because he collects moister in the air through his skin to charge his powers! And the middle guy is just very proud of being a man so he wants to show his male body off! And the guy on the far right use his sexuality to distract his enemies! And the women are sexualized too! Like, the fat lady is showing her belley!

I couldn’t be bothered to finish it because the anatomy is all to heck…


Those are all valid and empowered reasons for men to show as much of their assets as possible! 

Obviously, the one big lady makes up for how covered up other women are. She has so much skin to show (which totally automatically means she’s sexualized, of course!), it balances out all the male bodies at display. 

And that lady with a cool hat in the middle is very mysterious, which is an attractive trait to men, so she’s also equally objetified as her male peers. 

Would play a game with such powerful cast! A+