@autistictatsuyasuou submitted:

So, I spied ad this while downloading things online. I have many questions. The biggest of which is “wait, what’s going on at the bottom there?” Because it sort of looks like she has well past thigh-high boots which are too small on her legs being held up by virtue of attachment to her… whatever the heck that is on her top half. This design, it makes no sense…

So it seems Tera have already already decide that they didn’t go overboard enough with the Brawler and have now given her  boots that would chafe her groin and back problems that probably makes her a candidate for @eschergirls.

Honestly it never ceases to amaze me how the guys at Tera can be so insecure about the appeal of their own game that they don’t thing anyone will pay attention to literally anything unless there’s boobs.


I mean if this is your most compelling reason to look into the updated guild menu then it’s safe to say your guild system needs more work than that.

– wincenworks