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Rita Repulsa

So this outfit  has the problems that new female power rangers have but even more sexy~ with all the exposed skin. And we also get a white washed Rita Replusa but a Rita Replusa that looks more akin to Poison Ivy.

than the Rita from the show

I get updating her especially with the missile boobs but they went out of their way not too look like to original costume at all (I know the rumors of her being an ex green ranger but they didn’t even try to honor the old show) but had to sexy her up~  


Amazingly it seems that the costume promises to be as terrible from the back as well as from the front:

The one shining benefit of these production photos (aside from warning us what the priorities in the movie will be) is that seeing this outfit outside of post production really showcases how terrible these kinds of designs really look on actual people within carefully controlled camera angles, lighting and post production effects.

– wincenworks