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In the 90s Capcom was adapting Stardust Crusaders story arc from Hirohiki Araki’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga into a fighting game. They wanted to feature Midler, one of very few women antagonists in the story, as a playable character. However, in the manga Midler kept very safe distance from the protagonist and we never fully saw her, besides one panel after her defeat


As you can see, she is wearing a normal dress here. However, when adapting het to video game, Capcom had a problem with the fact we never saw her face. But instead of doing a sensible thing and asking the author to draw a face they could put on her original design, they asked him to completely redesing her to look like a belly dancer. And the results you can see above. When I first saw it my reaction was somewhere along those lines:


From a sensibly-dressed character who keeps her opponents at long distance, she turned into a character who goes into close-quater combat almost naked.

And for bonus creepy points, another character featured in the game is Alessi, who can de-age his opponents and turn them into children. If Midler gets hit by this power, she turns into a little girl wearing the very same costume.

Interestingly, while this outfit has been featured in one of manga artbooks, leading some fans to declare it canon, the anime adaptation, which is known for it’s strong loyalty to the source material and listening to author’s input, restores her original looks, while giving her a race lift, suggesting this is the one author prefers.


Video game fans consider Capcom removing R-Mika slapping her butt from Street Fighter or Blizzard removing Tracer’s controversial pose from Overwatch an assault on creative freedom. They defend Quiet’s ridiculous outfit to the point of yelling that people who mod the game to replace it are “playing it wrong”, because it’s “straying away from Kojima’s vision”. But somehow they are not up the arms at Capcom forcing Hirohiki Araki to stray away from his vision? Go figure…

I… don’t want to know what was Capcom’s in-studio explanation for making her look like that.