Gamer culture has pushed the argument about women’s roles so far to one side that most of them honestly believe the status quo of default objectification and women-as-rewards is the “neutral,” “nonpolitical” starting position.

What we’re reminded of every time someone defends a ridiculous outfit.  Doesn’t matter what excuse they bring – it’s always one that supports this notion that it’s all how it should be.

And if it doesn’t look like how it should be, there must be a special reason that people just don’t understand (frequently this reason is so special it cannot be explained, only experienced!)

– wincenworks

And don’t forget: if we don’t like how it’s ‘supposed’ to be, then it should be totally up to us to create more diverse games!


Bringing this back since we’re still getting people insisting that the only way anyone could possibly see any problem with the eye gouging double standards in video games is if they don’t play/understand/have 100% achievements in the games.

It can’t possibly be that there’s some problems that have been brushed off with excuses or attempts to game criticism for literally decades… that’d mean that we live in an imperfect society!


 – wincenworks