From new, highly awaited and hyped Black Panther #1. I’m going to tag two blogs, one for good, one for bad.

First, tagging @thefingerfuckingfemalefury ,who I’m sure will appreciate a story involving two Dora-Miraje, members of Black Panther’s warrior harem/army, who fell in love and decided to ditch the guy, steal some advanced technological armors and save their nation on their own.

Second, tagging @bikiniarmorbattledamage , because said advanced technological armors are just horrible. They look like a sexy Predator cosplay not an actual armor, for Pete’s sake!

The second saddest part about this is that it’s not just sexy Predator cosplay, it’s “Predator but non-threatening” so they don’t even invoke the fear and awe that infamous interstellar big game hunters do.  They look like someone decided to combine Predator and Antman as a joke.

The actual saddest part about this is that since Wakanda represents a rich and technologically super-advanced nation in Sub-Saharan Africa – there was so many options they could have explored.  Think of the amazing technology + superhero designs we could have seen seen if they’d used one of the outfits of the chief or the wealthy warrior as their inspiration:

Instead we get Antator outfits designed to show off hips and sexy bellies just so we don’t forget that they’re sexy ladies in those outfit.

– wincenworks

(Image from Queen Victoria’s Enemies (2): Northern Africa by Osprey Publishing)