I’m starting to feel that some of those ridiculous projects are made not necessarily just to pander to cishet men, but (also?) to spite anyone who’s upset by female sexualization. 

I refuse to think ALL THAT was made with zero self-awareness, only because the creators genuinely thought those miniatures were “sexy” and “cool”. No-one would go this overboard with objectifying women without knowing exactly what the reactions would be.

Also seems like Prodos Games gained some infamy amongs their Alien vs. Predator Kickstarter backers for delayed and incomplete deliveries. Funny thing how awful sexist design goes hand in hand with shitty business practices. 

ht:/ @sisterofsilence who sent this our way



Commenter, David McGuire, pointed this company out a couple of months ago when the BattleSister with Anal Hook figure was featured.

As he mentioned there, the company got hammered on DakkaDakka – which means that even the infamous Warhammer 40K bros thought this was too ridiculous. Which is kind of impressive when you consider jokes about the 40K world are funny because they’re true.

Prodos were, in fact, so ridiculed they ended up making a PG-13 version.  Ridiculed by a populace who are generally comfortable with repentant warrior nuns running around in kinky leather/latex lingerie.

– wincenworks