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This above is the design of Penelope Pitstop in DC Comics’ upcoming series “Wacky Raceland”. Which is either a gritty reboot of Wacky Races that turns them into Fury Road knock-off…or a parody of such idea, it’s really hard to tell from how little we have right now.

For comparision here is the original cartoon version:

Normally I’d make some sort of witty comment here, but this is just too baffling, words cannot describe it.

You know, it’s kind of impressive – under normal circumstances I’d be pretty okay with a wasteland heroine having a ride like this:


But this is one of the many problem with “gritty reboots” and other re-imaginings of things made for children: They make the female characters “gritty” by sexualizing them to a ridiculous extent.

The guy and the dog up front appear to be Dick Dastardly and Muttley:


In both cases, while their attire was created with intent of making them look intimidating and dangerous… making this a case of a pet receiving more practical attire than a female character.

The Internet is already filled with places where you can find images of characters from your childhood to whack off too – there is no need publish an official comic with imagery like this.  Especially not one where you’re trying to pass every other character off as an actual gritty reboot.

– wincenworks